Customer support

Dear clients! If something went wrong with equipment, that we made for you - we will do our best to help you. However, before reporting a problem, please carefully read the manual. If it didn't help - contact us via e-mail or by phone or skype

  • Can you modify your equipment for different voltages?

    In most cases yes, we can, but not always. Please contact us for details

  • What is you MOQ?

    Our minimal ordering quantity is 1 device. But you have to remember, that sending 1 device is expensive. If you are OK with it - we can make a deal

  • Do you deliver to ...

    Yes we do! We deliver worldwide. It just the question of delivery price. Our main logistics partner is TNT Worldwide.

  • Why is your equipment so cheap? What about quality?

    First of all we believe in the idea of affordable equipment for everyone. Second -our equipment is cheap due to the fact that we are Russian manufacturer (and manufacturing in Russia is pretty cheap due to cheap workforce). Third - we are full cycle manufacturer, which means that we not just assemble devices - we actually produce them. Our quality system is ISO 13485 certified and we give 2 years warranty on all of the equipment. Plus among our clients you can find such famous companies as Gazprom, Lukoil, Russian Ministry of Health, etc.